Land Use & Zoning

Child riding a bicycleWe specialize in all areas of Land Use and Zoning. MSD planning staff can help identify opportunities and implement recommendations necessary to complete your planning and development-related projects. 

Our professional staff provides a collaboration of disciplines and is committed to developing creative solutions that ensure compatibility between the existing, new, built, and natural environments.

We strengthen communities by focusing on achievable approaches to planning, design, and development. Through context-sensitive zoning regulations, MSD planning staff use their expertise to improve the efficiency of the Land Use application process.

Access MapNeed to find zone information for your property? Planning Information Finder map will help you to find zoning information based on the address.

Access Map

Services We Provide

  • Zoning Ordinances
  • Hazard Mitigation Plans
  • Service Delivery Strategies
  • Short-Term Work Programs
  • Joint Land Use Studies
  • Day-to-day Planning
  • Historic Preservation


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