Building Permit Application

Building permit applications can be submitted through the CityWorks public portal for the MSD. 

If you are a contractor and have not applied for permits with the MSD before, or if you have not applied for a permit with the MSD since the CityWorks portal was implemented, you will need to fill out a new contractor form in order to be added to the contractor list in the system.

In CityWorks, you can:         

  • Apply for a building permit
  • Print the permit 
  • Approve construction drawings
  • Schedule inspections
  • View inspection results and comments
  • Apply for a business license
  • Print the license

The contractor authorization form should list all employees who have the authority to obtain permits for your company. This form can be changed by you as often as necessary, but any changes will need to be initiated by you. The form must be signed and notarized by one of the qualifiers listed on the DOPL License.

If applying for a residential building permit as an owner/builder, the owner/building form needs to be filled out and submitted with your application. Please note that in order to qualify as an owner/builder you must be the sole owner of the property, the proposed work has to be for personal and non-commercial, and non-public use and meet the requirements listed by DOPL.

Please complete the Contractor Authorization Form and submit it by email or hand deliver it to our office.

  1. Email the completed Authorization, OR
  2. You can come to our office, we can notarize the Authorization Form. The Authorization Form must be signed by the qualifier listed on the DOPL License. Bring a copy of your DOPL License and Driver's License for verification and notary. Our office is at 2001 S State Street, Suite N3-600, Salt Lake City, UT 84190.